10th September, Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

It is unlikely that anybody hearing today’s Gospel will not have cause to reflect on family and friend issues. Matthew comes to the point quickly, “If your brother or sister does something wrong, go and have it out with them alone”. How much damage – sometimes lasting years or the rest of life – is caused by speaking to a third party who we believe will give us a sympathetic hearing, indeed agree with our stance or opinion, without hearing the other side of the story or its context?

One of the great strengths of facing the person who has caused you upset or wrong is that they have a chance to say “I am sorry” or let us know why they hold this view or indeed did they say it at all in the first place. We should all feel challenged by todays Gospel.

You will have heard of the death of Cardinal Cormac by now. The following letter was issued at his request to the people of this diocese the day before he died.


      My dear Bishop Richard,


      I would be very grateful if you would convey this short message to the priests, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese, of which I as well as you have been privileged to serve as their Bishop.

At this time, the words I pray every night are never far from my thoughts: “Into your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit”. Please tell them that I am at peace and have no fear of what is to come. I have received many blessings in my life, especially from my family and friends. I thank God for the many priests, religious and lay faithful who have helped and sustained me in my Episcopal life. Nor should I forget the many Anglican and Free Church colleagues whose friendship I have valued very much. Above all, as I now commend myself to the loving mercy of God, I ask them all to pray for me as I remember and pray for them.

Fraternally in the Lord,



A worthy commentary on the man. Would that we all could think like this.

  • The funeral of Pauline Kite will take place at the Aldershot Crematorium on Thursday 14th Sept at 1.30pm.


Mary and Paul invited their friends to dinner. At the table Mary turned to their 6 year old daughter and said, “Jenny, would you like to say the blessing?” “I would not know what to say” Jenny replied. Paul then said, “Just say what mummy says”. Jenny starts “Lord, why on earth did we invite all these people to dinner?”

                                                                        God Bless You All

                                                                                    Fr John



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