12th November 2017 Thirty- Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Remembrance Sunday

Dear Friends,


There is a certain urgency about today’s gospel centred on the image of the wedding feast.  It’s taken from Matthew chapter 25, and the following chapter goes on to the last days of Jesus life – Passion – Death – Resurrection.  As Matthew looks back some decades after these events, the significance of some stories/parables Jesus told fall into place.  As hospitality was seen as the number one value or virtue in the O.T. even to the strangers, Matthew teases his listeners with the idea that like all invitations we are free to say “yes” or “No”.  Those who did not or may not have had enough oil are like those who leave answering the invitation until the last moment and then some distraction arrives – maybe a good reason – so they do not attend the wedding feast.  We are all invited, are we ready to say “yes” to Jesus our Saviour?


  • Today we remember those who said yes to a cause and paid the price of life itself.


  • Also at 3pm, we pray for the dead – everywhere – at St Peter’s Cemetery, Frimley Green Road.


  • Help needed in keeping the shingle area between the hall and side gate tidy, please contact Patricia Mason or Helen.


  • Car Parking: Until the day I die or leave this will be an issue.  Please indicate your name and why you are parked out of courtesy for other users.


  • We need a few more willing hands to sustain our level of support for visiting the hospital and bringing Holy Communion, not more than once in five weeks if possible.  Sign up sheet on the porch table.


Did you know that everybody has a right to be stupid.  Unfortunately politicians abuse this privilege.


God Bless

                                                             Fr John



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