14th October, Twenty-Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

       The young man who approached Jesus in today’s gospel asks the vital question we all need to know the answer to. What is the primary purpose of this life? The answer is more than just a challenge in the ordinary sense of the word, but Jesus assures us that with God’s help we can indeed attain that goal.


Kerala Flooding

The fact that a million people were displaced and many losing everything should open our eyes to the hard road many have to travel just to stay alive.

The local Keralan community has direct links with the areas of need. So if anybody wishes to make a donation towards this good cause, please take an orange envelope marked – Keralan Flood Relief. You will find these on the offertory table – Please return your donation in due course either at the Offertory or in the Retiring collection at any Sunday Mass or take it to the Presbytery.


Finally: Bob, to his pal Pat, “I have just this week got my new hearing aid. It’s the Rolls Royce job, mind you it cost me dearly but it’s perfect”.

            Pat, “I’m delighted to hear your good news. What kind is it, did you say?”

            Bob, “It’s exactly twelve thirty”

Thank you & God Bless,

Fr John

Help required in the Parish

Last week’s response was good – thank you.  But we need more.  The areas that could do with your time are: Respond via the envelope on the porch table with Name: and contact number or email.

1)      Children Liturgy: Sun 10:30 only – please see notice over.

2)      Children Crèche: Sun 10:30 only

3)      Confirmation Programme: Some Mondays 7:15pm

4)      Parish Youth Club: Fridays 7:15pm

5)      Proclaim volunteers needed to operate the presentation screens at the 6.00pm and 10.30am masses.

Please write your name on the envelope provided and contact and the appropriate group number, e.g. 3 for Confirmation.


Events to plan for this Week:

Sunday 14th Rosary at 3pm (Peace & light)

Friday’s in October at 7pm, Rosary and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Events to plan for by Date:

October 14th-21st           Prisoners’ Sunday and Prisoners’ Week

October 15th                 Alzheimer’s Café, St. Mary’s Church, Park rd.

                                    7pm “What is Dementia & How is it diagnosed?”

October 18th                 10:30-11:45am Bereavement Support Group at SS Peter & John, Caesar’s Camp rd.

October 21st                 Closing date for Confirmation enrolment

October 31st                 5:30-7pm Church hall Light Party (see notice over)

November 3rd               “In Flanders Fields” Concert at St. Joseph’s Church, Eastgate Gardens, Guildford. In aid of SSAFA (see noticeboard)         

November 11th             Remembrance Sunday. Prayers at St. Peter’s Cemetery at 3pm

November 17th             Day of Reflection for Eucharistic Ministers at Weybridge Church from 11am-4pm (see noticeboard)

November 25th             World Youth Day 10:30am Mass. Come dressed up in something that makes a statement.



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