17th February 2019 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

Today we introduce our Parish Mission Statement. This is the work of the Parish Pastoral Council. We present it as a yardstick against which we will try to judge and be judged as we speak about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our attempts to be faithful to it.

Mission Statement


The people who gather at Our Lady Queen of Heaven come from many parts of the world with their cultures, traditions and gifts.

As a community, we worship Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.

We dedicate our time to developing a relationship with God and serving others. With open hearts and minds we seek to discover what living the gospel values in our time truly means.


Women’s World Day of Prayer at OLQH on Friday March 1st at 12 noon. This is a day dedicated to one format for all Christians in 170 countries around the world. This particular service, which is always creative and colourful, is entitled “Come – Everything is Ready”, and composed by the women of Slovenia. Refreshments will be served. Come – are you ready? If you are willing to help please contact Mary Reynolds on 01252 837448 or 07754 933597.


Children’s Liturgy Would those who have signed up to help with the Children’s liturgy PLEASE return the forms to Teresa Narracott. Thank you for your help.


Camberley Alzheimer’s Café: Maureen Hume will bring us up to date next weekend on this important work in the area and how we can help.


And finally:

Frank asked his boss; “Can I possibly have next Friday off please?”

Boss; “For what may I ask”

Frank; “To go shopping with my wife”.

Boss; “Certainly not, we are far too busy”.

Frank; “Thank you so much boss, it is just the answer I hoped for and you get the blame”.

God Bless You All,

Fr John



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