17th September 2017 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

Last week we had Jesus advising us that if somebody does us a wrong, the first step is to go and have a ‘clear the air’ discussion, face to face. This week, Peter who heard that advice asks Jesus the obvious follow up question, and if all your advice does not work, I (the victim) will still feel bad about it so how many times must I forgive this stubborn offender? After giving an answer in numbers Jesus goes on to illustrate how blind and intransigent human behaviour can be. It’s not a statement about social inter action or lack of it, but what on the face of it is a glaring injustice, for some reason the man forgiven a great debt by the king (i.e. the Father) cannot savvy how out of order it is to NOT forgive a trifling amount. May be greed or having no esteem for the person in his debt entitled him to view forgiveness in a different way. Let us not fall into that pit. Jesus makes it clear that the degree of forgiveness can vary, but forgiveness is not subjective, it must be whole hearted always and without condition.


One member of the Parish Pastoral Council will report back on the analysis of the questionnaire so many filled out in June. Our very great thanks to Lynette (Chairperson) and Daniella for the work on the project. The details will come up on the screens, but to facilitate those especially at the back of the church or out of the line of vision of the screens, there is a hard copy in print on the yellow sheets. You may leave them after the Mass for the next Mass please.


 Please note Thursday 21st 9.30 am Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion.

                     Friday 10.45am Requiem for David Blake.


Six year old Angie was tired of reminding her brother Joseph – who was high spirited and singing – that he must be quiet in church. So Joseph asked why, and who is going to stop me? Angie pointed to the back of the church and said, “See those men standing at the door? They’re the hushers”.

                                                                        God Bless You All

                                                                                    Fr John



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