18th February 2018 First Sunday of Lent

Dear Friends,

 Jesus is driven into the desert by the Spirit, and there he was tested. What is so special about the desert? Not only is it a place so vast, but it is more an experience. The three great religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam have their roots in the experience of the wonder of silence, the vastness of space and the wrestling with our own challenges. Lent is a precious gift given by God to remind us that we must reflect and be responsible for our own lives. Prayer (even a little) and fasting (even a little) are essential. Let me use the analogy of life to a marathon. Could we finish the course without training and dieting?


  • The Requiem Mass for Gabriel Oh is on Tuesday 20th at 1.30pm. All are welcome.
  • The Requiem Mass for Barbara Adams is on Friday 23rd at 12 Noon. All are welcome.
  • Lent Family Fast Day is Friday 23rd.
  • Fr Frank Harrington’s family would like to say “Thank You” to the people of Frimley “as he always had a good word to say about his years in Frimley”.
  • Blessed Ashes will be distributed at the end of masses during the final hymn on Sunday.
  • Our very grateful thanks to the Salesian Fathers for their help this week.
  • Scripture readings for Lent in the porch.
  • A sum of money was found on the porch floor on Sunday 5th. Please ask Fr John for it or it will go to charity collection next week.


“Congratulations Sylvia, I hear your daughter is getting married” said Mary. “And tell me did she make a good match?” “Well to be honest, not as good as she had hoped – but I don’t think he did either”.


God Bless,

                                                                                                  Fr John



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