18th June the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Dear Friends, 

            Today we celebrate the Solemn Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. In terms of history this is a relatively modern feast to emphasise the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. This is central to our understanding of Jesus and his gift to us. But the context and long history which surrounds our belief in Jesus was the generosity of God who led the chosen people through barren wasteland and fed them with manna, i.e. the hoar frost that can be found on the ground after darkness as day breaks, something akin to a very thin wafer of frost which acts as food for the day and drink also. It’s a survival diet only, giving very little energy. But it’s related in today’s first reading. Moses impatience at striking the rock twice is not, but that too is part of human nature’s impatience. Much water flows under the bridge before Jesus comes and he too leaves us a gift. That gift is no less than himself in the setting of a meal, but let us not forget the context, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet FIRST. To be true followers of Jesus, it’s not the number of times we say ‘I believe’ or go to Holy Communion, but wash the feet of those in need. This is a huge challenge to be moved out of our comfort zone.


It’s all change on the western front as they say. On the 12th May I submitted my resignation to Frimley Park Hospital with a month’s notice. That took effect on Monday last. The matter is now with Bishop Richard, his representative on NHS matters and the Trust. They have a meeting on July 10th, we will hopefully have news then. I will continue to visit the hospital but now I will rely on others to let me know who is there. So my advice to all of you is do not assume I have some way of knowing who is in the hospital at any given time, please leave a message on the answerphone or send an e-mail.


Welcome to Helen Sampson as the new secretary to the parish. Helen is working her statutory notice at FPH at present and so will take up her duties in late July. May I say we were spoilt for choice and I thank all the excellent people who were interviewed and congratulate Helen on her appointment.


Red Shirts Appeal: Kezia Tierney will remind us of the nature of the work that the Red Shirts undertake on the Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage. At the end of Mass she has some items to sell to help with the Red Shirts funding.


The Scripture booklets for July are now available in the porch.


Some rotas for church cleaning still to be collected. Thanks for your help


I like to end usually with a bit of humour, but not this week with the great loss of life at Grenfell Tower. Let’s see if for once their (survivors) voices are listened to or will they have to wait like the Hillsborough Families for years. Pray for all including those who have to search the building now and for weeks.


God Bless You All,

Fr John


              A very happy Father’s Day to all Dads.



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