19th November, 33rd Sunday of the Year

Dear Friends,


  Today I can’t resist the first reading from Proverbs, “The perfect wife – who can find her?” Fortunately nobody, so relax ladies and if there is somebody still looking for such a person he will die unmarried. But, this is an opportunity to express gratitude to spouses and our mothers, without whom none of us would have life, even Jesus Christ incarnate. So I will use somebody else’s words, “Behind every successful wife is a supportive husband and a surprised mother in law.”


  • This Sunday at 3pm there is a CARE MASS at Frimley.


 Next Sunday we will mark the 50th YEAR OF MASS in this parish.

After the 10.30am Mass; lets meet in the hall for a ‘Bring a shared lunch’ please.


Car parking may be an issue, especially if you are not intending to stay.



  • Thank you to all who signed up to help. These rotas are still on the porch table.


  • The funeral liturgy for Liam Whelan will take place at St. Tarcius’ church, Camberley on Friday December 1st at 12.30pm.


I did not get to the gym today. That makes it 5,844 in a row. Is there any hope for me?


God Bless you all, Fr John



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