20th January Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,


The theme of this weekend’s liturgy is ‘Peace’, very appropriately I think in a world order that is so noisy, aggressive and angry about many things. I do not pretend to know the answer, but the following words of Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk will, I hope, give us all food for thought.













I am just grateful that I have lived to see this day; to celebrate with Parishioners and Family the journey this far. Deo Gratias.




v  Time to collect the remaining Christmas cards from the porch table please.


v  The Crib will be taken down AFTER Sunday 3rd February. I am delighted several people have asked why it is still there? Well, at Christmas time with all that is going on and subtle distractions of so many things, children are not brought to the crib to hear stories from their parents and ask questions. Simple, ‘pilgrimages’ trip to the crib in a quieter time remain with the child. Santa Claus paying a flying visit, Jesus stays.


Finally, I can now tell you that I have reached the stage where my train of thought often leaves the station without me on board.



Missing Items: Can the following please be returned as soon as possible. Thank you.


  1. Fully functional wheelchair missing from the room by the sacristy.
  2. Set of drumsticks (still)



God Bless

Fr John



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