21st January 2018 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,  

          The Gospel account given by Mark is the most direct approach possible. Matthew with the ancestral line of Jesus, Luke begins with the Nativity and John goes back to the beginning of time “In the beginning …”. Mark, which is considered by most scholars to be the first account on record jumps straight in and has Jesus as an adult beginning his ministry or mission as he walked by the sea of Galilee and he seemed to call the first he met. That is significant if we believe we are all God’s children and he was not going to hold interviews etc., “Come follow me”.  We too have received that call at our baptism, but we must address it again and again. We change, those around us change, the way we see life, society and friends changes too. But the call is the same, in time it would unfold for the disciples, yet even at the end of Jesus’s life they moved to distance themselves from the cross. Is it any wonder that we struggle when the pressure is on or we have doubts?


  • We had two excellent meetings on Wednesday re Bishop Richard’s desire to hear people discuss and think “outside the box” on the mission of the institutional church. We have moved a long way in 40+ years, why should we be afraid?


  • Regarding the church PA system. There is a hum on the induction loop. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. Also the irritating fade in and out on the celebrant’s mic is supposed to be fixed; the issue was the internal aerials out of alignment.
  • We warmly welcome a visit from Fr Robert Bissell next week


Finally: Proud parents got a photo of baby Jane touched up – it looked super. So a school friend of Mum called around to bring a present and see the baby. ‘Oh how beautiful she is and those eyes…” The father interrupted her, “You haven’t seen the photo yet, she looks far better on it.

                                                                                                          God Bless,

                                                                                                                Fr John



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