Dear Friends, 

We enter into a period of liturgy at 100mph just like Christmas shopping. The Fourth Sunday of Advent is like a mirror of modern family life. Mary having heard the astonishing news from the angel that she was pregnant, “she set out and went as quickly as she could to visit her cousin Elizabeth”, who was also pregnant. So family was central and they are better able to cope with good and bad news when we need a shoulder to support us.


Fast forward to the vigil of Christmas and Jesus (God’s Son) is about to be born. Yet the drama caused by Caesar’s decree had a considerable effect on Joseph and Mary, they had to get themselves to Bethlehem for the census which was so busy, there was no room for them. Yet strangers came in the form of shepherds, the social underclass, “the little people” and even foreigners – wise men following the stars. The people who welcomed Jesus had more questions than answers. But that was how it would be in his public ministry, so it’s ok. We have reversed this process by giving children the answers before they are even given a chance to think of the questions. Who am I? Who is Jesus?


To all our visitors, you are most welcome. If you do not know the person beside you, you might say your Christian name and wish them a very happy Christmas.

Please note that the Mass on the Wednesday 26th  December  is at 10.00am


Christmas Collection 2018

It is my wish that your Christmas Offerings this year should be given to good causes:

1)    St Vincent de Paul Society, Camberley for the benefit of the local community

2)    Médecins Sans Frontières for relief work abroad.

Also, from this year, a sum equal to the Gift Aid on the Christmas Collection will be donated to the Camberley Branch of the Citizens Advice Bureau.


You will find a letter from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (colour) re the need for EU citizens needing to apply to remain in the UK. News to me; I may be deported! I think I’ll head for Cuba.


Finally:  Mary and Jim who had celebrated their golden jubilee were having a glass of wine as they looked out on an idyllic sunset. Mary says: “I love you so much, I don’t know how I could ever live without you”. Jim asks: “Is that the wine talking?” Mary: “It’s me talking to the wine”.


God Bless you all and have a very happy Christmas. If you are travelling then do so with care.


                                                                                    Fr John



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