24th December, Fourth Sunday of Advent

Dear Friends,  

What a weekend in liturgy! The Fourth Sunday in Advent has Luke’s account of the Annunciation. Gabriel appears to Mary; “Rejoice, favoured one, the Lord is with you. Do not be afraid Mary, you are to conceive and bear a son and you must name him Jesus….”


The vigil mass of Christmas immediately follows on (hardly giving us time to breath) with the account in Matthew of the ancestry of Jesus, reminding us that though he was descended from Abraham and David, there were several “outsiders” in the family line that led to Mary. So, family history was “interesting” to say the least and as such we should be slow to judge others too harshly in our own day.


To reinforce this issue, the midnight mass account of the venue and event of the birth of Jesus and the first visitors – the shepherds (outsiders again). Surely if you were writing this life story of the Son of God, you would not go out of your way to situate so many stumbling blocks and contentious characters at the heart of it. Well, that’s what is revealed to us in sacred scripture, it’s for us to go and learn the lessons that speak to us from the gospels, especially relating to our own judgemental views in life. Our word that seems to jump out is the need for “humility”.

We most warmly welcome all who are visiting us this holy season. If you are not familiar with the person beside you maybe you could say hello and wish them a Happy Christmas.

Please note mass time on Tuesday – St Stephen’s Day is at 10.00am

January 10th, 7.30pm in the hall, consultation and discussion on how people wish to present their view of “mission” in Frimley. Bishop Richard specifically requests all parishioners and as many as possible to reflect and have a voice in the way forward.

  • May I thank you all for your active cooperation in ministry of all sorts, the liturgy, the sacramental preparation and the many chores that can’t even be counted.
  • The offerings at Christmas masses will be your personal gift to me. If you wish to gift aid please use the envelopes provided.
  •  Thank you to Stuart Baldwin for his two fine coat hanger frames in the hall. Take a look – your name might be on the honours list.


Finally; the priest was preaching and a baby in the congregation began to get very distressed. Mum picks up the child and heads for the door when Fr Joe, thinking he was doing her a favour, shouts out, “It’s ok Sally, baby James is not disturbing me” “No”, said Sally, “but you are disturbing him, he has had enough”


Have a Blessed and Happy Christmas to you all. God Bless.

Fr John



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