24th February 2019 Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

What a different world we would occupy if we lived today’s gospel. “Love your enemies…do good to those who hate (can’t stand) you…pray for those who treat you badly.” When do we see this at work? Where? Is it God alone who is able to turn the other cheek?


Where do we learn to be compassionate (forgiving) like this? It starts with the authority figure surely, Mom and Dad, their relationship, that’s our school. No outsider will change our thinking if we do not have it early on. Yet they have been handed a tough hand of cards, believing that the rules must be followed and if not there are consequences (I.e. punishment of some kind). So is it all hopeless? Are we destined to swim against the tide for life? No, if we accept that the old style is broken, it has failed again and again. We must try another way, the Way of Jesus.


Hymn 847 is a good commentary on it:

“Oh Lord, all the world belongs to you,

and you are always making all things new.

What is wrong you forgive,

and the new life you give

is what’s turning the world upside down.”


Yes, upside down thinking and doing is the only way – it’s the Lord’s Way.


World Day of Prayer: Friday March 1st at 12 noon

The creation is by the women of Slovenia, to echo God’s call to all, the invitation is “Come – everything is ready!” We will hear the voices of the women of Slovenia from the socialist-communist days to the present time. There will be a retiring collection for charities supported by the World Day of Prayer Organisation.


Camberley Alzheimer’s Café: Maureen Hume to speak.


The Requiem Mass for Rosemary Palmer is at 2pm on Tuesday 5th March followed by burial at St Peter’s Cemetery.


Lent Scripture Readings now in the porch: ‘My Day By Day’ and ‘Bible Alive.’

The children’s Lenten booklets will be distributed next weekend through the children’s Liturgy Group.


Finally: The sheepish voice rang a solicitor saying, “I am ringing on behalf of a friend. He wants to know, what is the penalty for bigamy?”

Solicitor: “There are two actually.”

Enquirer: “Oh, what are they?”

Solicitor: “Two mothers-in-law.”

God Bless,

Fr John




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