24th March 2019 Third Sunday of Lent

Dear Friends,

            There is such variety in today’s readings, I chose one. At the end of the gospel, Jesus speaks about the fig tree that has not produced fruit in three years. We can use the image of an apple tree. The three years some commentators on scripture speculate that this may be a reference to the public ministry of Jesus. So, let’s say it is, some have not bourne fruit (i.e. evidence of gospel values in their lives though they have heard the gospel from Jesus himself). The successors of Jesus (apostles and bishops etc. etc.) may well come to the conclusion let’s get rid of this person from our midst, they are a waste of space and time. That is an organisational and functional response, even reasonable. Yet the words of Jesus are “leave it…give me time to dig round it and manure it, it may bear fruit next year…” This activity of tending to nature, digging, manuring etc. is also to be found in the Old Testament in Hosea and Isaiah. It is a symbol of God’s mercy at work always. In this instance (today’s gospel), Jesus does not give up or believe that Israel’s final answer to him will be “NO.” Good job we are not the judges!


The Confirmation retreat takes place this weekend at Sunningdale. Pray for the candidates, families and catechists.

No confessions today due to this retreat.

Stations of the Cross on Fridays of Lent at 7:30pm.

Last year’s annual accounts – yellow sheets. Thank you to Bill Connell and all the Finance Team.

Help urgently wanted for:

A)    Toddler and Baby Group on Thursday mornings (term time only)

B)    Any adult(s) who would undertake to put away the tables and chairs after Silver Circle on Mondays from 2pm onwards.

Big thank you to all who helped in ministry last week and securing the church also. We had a wonderful break in the Algarve.

May I remind those who use the car park during the week a) to please restore the cones and b) on exit do not block the footpath until you have clear road.

Gift Aid: Tony Duhig will be at all Masses this weekend with Gift Aid boxes and to answer your questions.


Finally: Charly: “Look Jack; the sign says ‘the end is nigh.’ Do you think it is?”

            Jack: “Are you crazy? It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”


God Bless you all,

Fr John




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