24th September, Twenty–Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

Today’s gospel reading brings us face to face with the question of injustice in life. It is thought about and debated day after day in our time also. Is it fair to get the same reward for one hour’s work as it is for part of or a whole day’s work? Our instinct says a big “No” immediately. Yet Jesus says otherwise. In this instance he was talking about the kingdom of God, the message is clear, the kingdom can be yours also even if you arrive even at the 11th hour. The church has always been faithful to this teaching. The most notorious individual can and will be embraced by the Father if he or she turns to the Lord for mercy even at the last moment and it’s not necessary to find a priest either! The reasoning behind it is simple, all that the Father can do for anyone is to welcome them home at the end of life and that “ALL” is available at all times.


My enthusiasm for the work the Parish Pastoral Council are doing caused me to get a bit carried away last week. So, it’s this week we present to you the sense of direction of your answers and the reason for the survey in the first place. One of the most striking aspects of Jesus’ mission or public ministry was he moved among the people and listened to them and responded to their needs. He also treated each person with the same respect and dignity – even those who felt within themselves that he would have no time for them. For example, the woman who sought to touch his garment.


One of the great phrases that was in common use in the 60’s after Vatican Council Ⅱ was to read the signs of the times”. This was another way of saying, let’s meet people where they are at. This event led to great enthusiasm for seminaries and we expected a new approach. Pope John died during the Council, Pope Paul was hijacked by the “keep it as it always was lobby” and there was little sign of change. Clericalism reigned and “the church of where the people are at” had to wait. Now the crisis of vocations and so on is making us address the gospel again, and one has to admit that there is an inevitable tension between the keep it as it was and those who wish to address the issues of the day. Hopefully we will see it as a creative journey not a revolution.


  • To all who kindly give of their time in ministry at mass, please take your rota from the porch table. Thanks for your continuing help.


  • Fr Andrew Moss, our neighbour at St Tars SPJ and Bagshot is leaving soon to be nearer his mother who is not in good health. On your behalf I thank him for his friendship and support and ask everybody to pray for his mother and Andrew also. Fr Paul Turner will be replacing him on the 8th October.


Church Roadside Sign: “Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him”


                                                                        God Bless You All

                                                                                    Fr John



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