25th June, 12th Sunday of the Year

Dear Friends, 

            Today, we return to what is referred to as “Ordinary Time” in the cycle of liturgy. Lent/Easter/the Great Feasts are all behind us. It’s like the holidays are over and now back to a diet of small and ordinary events. Well it is running counter to the impulse and expectation as presented in advertising and political commentary. It seems to be far more attractive to have something “new” or “exciting” or catastrophic to say or report on than just “ordinary” things! Yet the vast majority of our daily lives are made up of these ordinary things or events. Is it exciting and uplifting to bring the children to school day after day? Some may say no. Try telling that to a parent whose child can’t go to school or who is not able to for health reasons find a school that can help them grow. Is it exciting to say your prayers or go to mass? Only you can answer, try living near a rubbish pit where poverty is all you know and excitement is not a word you would even think of.

I deliberately used the word “excitement” to prefix our expectations now. It’s another way of saying we are not satisfied with “ordinary” anymore, be that health, income, status or friends etc. What a pity, think of your gifts, count your blessings and to bring a bit of balance into life volunteer to visit the sick, the imprisoned, the poor and see life’s other side. Don’t mock “ordinary”.


  • Wintershall: The Life of Christ.

The wonderful dramatization of Christ’s life in the marvellous setting at Wintershall is a must go to if you can manage the time and it does not make major demands on you physically unless it’s boiling hot like this past week.

      Date: June 20th – 24th.

      Tel: 01486 892 167

      www.wintershall-estate.com     Just off the A281, south of Bramley


  • “Dementia Awareness Reaching Communities” at St. Mary’s, Park Road, Camberley

I cannot emphasise how helpful this will be as an information tool in the community.

Please see the posters in the church.

Date: Monday August 21st at 9:30 to 4pm

Contact: David Reed at St. Mary’s, Park Road. 01276 685167 or MOB 07789949891


  • Job Advert: 21 hours part time Secretary to Bishop Richard Moth at Pease Pottage. Please see letter on noticeboard.
  • Refugee Crisis Newsletter New edition. A&B News
  • Scripture Reading for July now available.
  • On Wednesday 29th June at 12.30 the Requiem mass of the late Mary Hobday RIP. No other liturgy that day.
  • Kezia Tierney SJB will be selling items after Mass this weekend to raise money for the Lourdes trip.


Pals were debating terrorism. They did not agree then Nick pipes up: “I can tell you what it is; it’s waking up one morning and finding that a couple of your classmates are running the country.”


God Bless You All,

Fr John



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