25th March 2018 Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Dear Friends,


As we gather to live the events of Holy Week, beginning today, let this be our primary mission or undertaking this week.  It may be carried out in the quiet of our own home, our place of work and especially reflecting on a) the love of Jesus for each and every life – all are precious and b) how we live that life in our relationships and community.  The events of this week must be a special journey we all make – like the stations of the cross I would call it Jesus’ invitation to “walk with me”.


This is not therefore an appeal to just attend ceremonies, but a reminder that this is a journey we must make to understand what love means.  God has no watch, but his call is always based on the present moment.  So let us not just listen but be part of today’s reading of Mark’s Gospel.  Many events are common to the passion readings, but Mark’s Gospel is a stark reminder of the vagaries of human nature.  All who knew Jesus failed him except the complete “outsider” Simon of Cyrene and the gentile soldier who recognised what the others did not when he died, “In truth this man was a son of God”.  IS MARK TELLING US SOMETHING NEW?


  • Please take a timetable for Holy Week with you.
  • Welcome to our visitors and safe travelling to all people who are going travelling for Easter.
  • Thanks to those who returned the yellow forms.  If you have that in mind, please do so ASAP.
  • Special request for hospital visitors on Saturday mornings or Sunday morning to bring

    Holy Communion.  Please use the yellow sheet.

  • Your Easter Offerings are personal to me, and please us the blue & red envelopes if you wish the parish to benefit by Gift Aid.


Have a Holy Week everybody.                                           

God Bless you all.

                                                          Fr John



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