25th November, Thirty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Christ the King

Dear Friends,


We gather today to celebrate the Solemnity (highest rank) or Christ the King. This particular feast was first introduced in 1925 by Pope Pius XI, during a period of tension and strife between the civil government of Rome and King Victor Emmanuel III versus the Papal claim to dominion over Rome. The Papal states had been lost in 1870 and now “the Roman question” was the issue. This was finally resolved in 1929 by what is called the Lateran Pacts, whereby the Vatican became a sovereign state, but very small territorially. The Pope threw in the idea that Christ the King of earth and heaven – It didn’t work (praise the Lord).

In the words that Jesus speaks in the Gospel today, “My kingdom is not of this world”, and the whole context and pattern of Jesus’ life, it is perfectly clear that he is not chasing territory and wealth. Has it got something to say to us now who call themselves followers of this same Jesus?



World Youth Day:

Today we also celebrate the youth of our world and pray for them.


Help Needed!

Help is needed in four areas. Please take a green sheet and if you can tick a box and provide your contact details and put this in the volunteers’ box which is on the large table in the porch. Thank you very much.



Events to Plan for by Date:

Tuesday Dec 11th 7:30pm       Advent Penitential Rite

Mass Times                            Dec 22nd Saturday 6:00pm

                                              Dec 23rd Sunday 8:30am, 10:00am, 5:30pm


CHRISTMAS Masses:                       

Dec 24th                                 6:00pm, 10:30pm Carols, 11:00pm Mass                                               

Dec 25th                                 8:30am, 10:30am



Finally,          Doctor: “How do you feel today?”

                      Patient: “Very much better doctor, thank you. The only thing still bothering me is my breathing.”

                      Doctor: “Ok, we can soon put a stop to that.”



God Bless you all,

Fr John



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