27th January 2019 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

            I wish to thank you all for your most heart-warming and generous way of celebrating my 75th birthday last weekend. In the Mass readings we were reminded about the rich variety of gifts God gives to a crowd of people (1Cor. 12:4-11) to be used for the good of all.  The Gospel (John 2:1-11) retold the wedding feast at Cana and the Lord’s response to those who seek his help. You are good witnesses to these values. I was delighted we were going to have a party also, but obviously I had no idea what to expect. To be overwhelmingly surprised by the great turnout of people, the quantity and variety of food, the well organised way the conveyor belt worked was a great experience and for that I am deeply grateful. I also wish to include in that expression of gratitude my brother Con and his wife Mary and my sister Kathleen.


Sharing the special moments of life with the people you respect, love and care about is not afforded to everybody, so I am thankful to God for giving my family such good friends and the health to enjoy it. I look forward to serving you all as best I can in the future and hope that I will have enough humility to recognise my limitations always.


With all my love and best wishes,

Fr John


PS. There was a superabundance of food to the extent that it was like the 12 baskets full in the Gospel. You will be glad to know that much of this was sent to the night shelter on the A30, a reminder to us that while we ate plenty many others did not have anything or even one good meal that day.


On Tuesday of this week at 11am there is a Requiem Mass for Bruno Leoni RIP. You will be most welcome if you can come.


Car parking on the pavement: Please do not park on the pavement for Mass. There is an increasing number of complaints being made and some have even accompanied their words with photos and you can read certain registrations. Sadly, there is a pronounced aggressiveness evident in the way people express their complaint.


Next weekend, Feb 2nd/3rd, we will call Name Tag Sunday. See note overleaf.


Finally: Jim to his pal Frank: “Would you lend me £20, but only give me £10. Then you’ll owe me £10 and I’ll owe you £10 and then we’ll be quits.”

God Bless you all,

Fr John



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