2nd December 2018 First Sunday of Advent 2018

Dear Friends, 

Today we begin a new year in the worship of the church. Note, we do not start with the story of creation from Genesis or the birth of Jesus in a stable. Instead, all the readings present an image of life in progress, whatever stage (not age) we are at. It’s rather like getting on the train after your day’s work or setting out on an adventure or short break. If we present ourselves as followers of Jesus, what has gone before has shaped our lives but the word “change” and “new beginnings” must be part of our way of thinking. The word of God is a living and active organism in our lives if we allow it.


So, it’s not the past or indeed the future that matters but NOW. Let the words of today’s gospel be for us a new beginning. Let us “stand erect, hold our heads high because our liberation is near at hand.” Jesus is knocking on our door, are we going to open it to him?


Note: No Mass at 8am on Monday 3rd December; 10.30 am Requiem for Mary ‘Bernie’ Willis RIP






Mass Times                          

Saturday December 22nd      6:00pm

Sunday December 23rd         8:30am, 10:30am, 5:30pm


Christmas Masses:               

December 24th                      6:00pm, 10:30pm Carols, 11:00pm Mass                  

December 25th                      8:30am, 10:30am


Ministry at Mass Christmas Please sign up for this important role for 24th and 25th December. Sign-up sheet on porch table.


See posters in the porch for Diocesan Events:

1. Deaf & Hard of Hearing

2. Residential retreat for Doctors 1st – 3rd March 2019

3. Women in the Diocese February 23rd 2019


Finally: Pollster: “Excuse me, I am doing research for the Government. May I ask you a question?

Passer-by: “Forget it mate, they were stupid enough to get tricked by a bus.”


God Bless,

Fr John





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