2nd July Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends, 

            Today’s gospel that quotes Jesus several times as he challenges the disciples, seems at first sight a bit scattered. But such is not the case, Matthew in chapter 10, gives the disciples a whole slew of instructions as he was “sending them out like sheep among wolves” (10:16). They were having to deal with human nature as they found it and even a cup of cold water was a big deal in that warm climate. It points to the struggle between what we know through experience and the great unknown yearnings of the heart. St Augustine expressed it thus, “You have made us for yourself O Lord, and we will not rest until we rest in you”. Well, there was somebody who had a colourful life before trying the Jesus path. At our baptism we are anointed with the oil of chrism after the water has been poured on our heads. This signifies the anointing of Jesus at his baptism as Priest (to serve), Prophet (to speak God’s word) and King (to lead). So we have all these responsibilities without understanding – yes I am afraid that is where the link sometimes is weakest. We must seek God ourselves and hope the people around us support our efforts or attempts. Jesus expresses this in today’s gospel, “whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me”. So the chain is restored and we have a greater sense of direction and purpose in life. Pray for that faith.


  • Hall refurbishment will begin on Monday July 10th and it’s a major undertaking. The hall will be out of use for a period between 4 to 6 weeks. Sorry about any inconvenience caused. I am really confident you will like the end product. There will be no hospitality after the Sunday masses but that should not prevent people from being creative about alternative places to meet.


  • 2017/2018 Holy Communion enrolment forms in the porch now. School year 3 or higher.


  • Refuge Crisis newsletter from A & B Diocese on the offertory table.


  • Jose and Maria Garmendia are going to Lourdes on July 28th. They would be delighted to take any petitions you have in a sealed envelope to be placed at the Grotto of Our Lady. Just mark your envelope, “Lourdes Petition”, via the parish office.


“Would you like to buy a raffle ticket for a poor widow” asked the lady.

“Indeed I won’t. What would happen if I won?”

                                                                                    God Bless You All,

Fr John




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