30th September, 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

                   The ever-increasing demand for space in the newsletter has led me to conclude that 1) it is too crowded and hardly looks like a NEWSLETTER any more.  To release space, I will discontinue my scripture reflection.  2) I am also asking the newsletter editors to abbreviate the notices that come in and used their legitimate role to highlight the issue and give brief details.  There is often an accompanying sheet on the notice board in the porch with all the required details.

            For a period, this will be a work in progress, so please bear with it for now. 

  • Scripture readings for month of October in the porch.
  • Statement from the Bishops of England & Wales, 24th Sept, lime green sheet.
  • New copy of A&B News.
  • “Word of Life”, prayer for the pastoral plan.


Fr John


Help required in the Parish

Last week’s response was good – thank you.  But we need more.  The areas that could do with your time are: Respond via the envelope on the porch table with Name: and contact number or email.

1)      Children Liturgy: Sun 10:30 only

2)      Children Crèche: Sun 10:30 only

3)      Children Holy Communion Programme: Some Saturdays 9:30am and 4pm

4)      Confirmation Programme: Some Mondays 7:15pm

5)      Parish Youth Club: Fridays 7:15pm

Please write your name on the envelope provided and contact and the appropriate group number, e.g 4 for Confirmation



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