31st December, the Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph


Dear Friends,  

The Feast of the Holy Family is always celebrated before the Epiphany which is a bit upside down as regards the sequence of gospel readings. In theory, Jesus, Mary and Joseph have been to Egypt (not in Luke’s gospel) and are now doing what the law required, presenting the first born male child to the service of the Lord. Mary was told by Simeon that – “A sword would pierce your own soul too – so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.” (Luke 2:34). The Holy Family had many obstacles to overcome and Jesus life was almost an obstacle course.


Does this have anything to tell subsequent generations? It’s hard to avoid drawing the conclusion that life is indeed a difficult journey, single or married, child or adult, rich or poor, no matter where we are from, what language we speak, so much room for misunderstanding and the vagaries of our own strengths or weaknesses.


Jesus did not come to impose his own will on us, but to invite us to follow him freely and see where it got us. The philosophy of the world would seem to suggest, conquer, subjugate the other person and then you can dictate the agenda. Yet, we all have to walk the road and if at the end of the journey we cannot admit to ourselves that we loved, helped and forgave many, we have to ask ourselves a further question, “what was it all for?”


On the cross at Calvary, Jesus was able to say “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.


v    This weekend we have a pastoral message from Bishop Richard.


v    Please note mass time on Monday is at 10.00am.


v    January 17th, 7.30pm in the hall, consultation and discussion on how people wish to present their view of “mission” in Frimley. Bishop Richard specifically requests all parishioners and as many as possible to reflect and have a voice in the way forward. Please note the change of date to the 17th (was originally the 10th).


v    I wish to thank everybody for your help and cooperation over the Christmas period.


v    May I say a big THANK YOU to all for your Christmas offerings. Amount overleaf.


v    The Retiring Collection this weekend is for Friends of the Holy Land


Finally; the farmer was most upset that his favourite sheep dog had gone missing, so his wife suggested putting an ad in the local paper to get him back. This he did but after a month no sign of the dog. His wife enquired, “What did the ad say?” “Here Shep”, replied the farmer.


May I wish you all the peace and blessings of 2018 that you would wish for yourselves and family.

And may God’s blessing come upon you all.


Fr John



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