3rd December, First Sunday of Advent

Dear Friends,  

Happy New Year in the calendar of the church. The theme today is to “stay awake” as Jesus said, not because we are fearful but we have something to add to God’s world and the lives of others if we are well disposed to share Christ’s message (the Word). We should be up-beat, we have another chance – let’s not let it slip by. Pope Francis has written “The Joy of the Gospel”. Let’s live it and use it that way.

          Bishop Richard wants as many as possible to be active in a variety of ways, praying, reading, involving yourselves in some thoughtful way that will cause you to question the assumptions you have etc. ministry in the neighbourhood or church, extending the hand of friendship to your neighbour, getting to at least say ‘hello’ to somebody who passes you either at home, on the pavement or the place you shop. We look at the world that seems to be getting more angry at the slightest thing and not go into a shell or hiding. We have GOOD NEWS, the author is Jesus who commands us to love one another. This is our ‘MISSION’, (our calling).

    • At 3pm, this Sunday we have a Care Mass i.e. a little less structured to address the needs of those with physical challenges or learning disabilities and to allow them to minister to us also. Tea & coffee afterwards.
    • A huge thanks to everybody for your presence and gifts of food and drink last Sunday as we celebrated the 60 years of Mass being offered in Frimley. The fact that we could not do justice to it all was sign of generosity on your behalf.
    • Pastoral Message from Bishop Richard today. Hard copy of same on the yellow sheets.
    • Sign up forms in the porch. Please think about them as your new year resolution.
    • Parish Penitential Rite this Advent will be on Wednesday 13th at 8pm.
    • Naomi Farrell who spoke on behalf of the Prison Advice and Care Trust will return to meet with interested people on the Wednesday 13th Dec at 6pm.
    • Please collect your Red Mission Boxes from the porch table.


Finally: The priest visiting year 6 was going to great lengths to explain to the children that there are two sides to every story and we must be slow to judge. Finally he asked the class, “Who are the only people who listen to both sides of the argument?”  Tommy shouts, “Please Father, the neighbours of course”.


God Bless you all,

Fr John



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