3rd March, Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

Today’s first reading is from one of the wisdom books of the Old Testament. It speaks to each of us in a thought-provoking way. We reveal so much about ourselves, our values, our outlook on life by our vocabulary, our tone, our likes and dislikes etc. You don’t need reminding that so many organisations, companies and media outlets are throwing huge sums of money to attract our attention with advertising etc. I often see people crossing the road at pedestrian crossings or lights with their full gaze on the phone and never looking for the careless driver who may be likewise be distracted. Well this is not about road safety but how we have such little time to look around us, to salute a passer-by or to reflect on the gifts and freedom we have. They are God’s gift to us, our senses, our freedom to move about, and our willingness to reflect especially. What part does stillness, quiet and the Word of God in Holy Scripture play in our daily routine?


Lent is around the corner. Let us make an earnest attempt to reflect on the way we speak at home, at work and socially. I encourage you to use the scripture reading in “My Day by Day”, “Bible Alive” or in your own bible.

Do not let this Lent pass you by.


v    Lent: Begins with Ash Wednesday this week. Mass at 9.30am and 7.30pm. Ashes will be blessed and distributed as they will on the following weekend. Wednesday is a day of FASTING (One Proper meal) – only applies to under 65’s or those who choose, and ABSTINANCE (avoiding meat altogether unless you forget).


v    Lent Prayer opportunities: Tuesdays 9.30am Prayer Group in Parish Room. Wednesdays: 1.15 – 2.45pm Lent Small Group in Parish Room. Fridays: 10 – 11am Adoration and at 7.30pm Stations of the Cross (Leaders to sign up please).


v    Wanted: Anybody got a wire sieve (just like the first reading today). The one I had year after year for burning the palms for Ash Wednesday has been tidied away!


v    Please note; the Requiem Mass for Rosemary Palmer is on Tuesday at 2pm.


v    As was promised to Bishop Richard Moth, recruitment for a staff chaplain has been earmarked for the Roman Catholic community. Frimley Park Hospital is looking to employ a part time permanent Roman Catholic chaplain. Details can be found on NHS Jobs: www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/?vac_ref=915468072. The closing date for applications is 7th March


Finally: Bridie to a friend, “Tom and I are so worried that our granddaughter is not going to church after all our time”. Mary; “Listen to me, the young lady keeps hearing you say that you and grandad are practising Catholics and most likely thinks to herself “if gran and grandad are still practicing what chance have I got?”


God Bless,

Fr John



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