4th March, Third Sunday of Lent

Dear Friends,

          St Paul today draws our attention to how different people look at and hear the messenger i.e. the gospel in this instance, but react to it in a different way. It is not news in our day, look at and feel for yourselves how you react to the “B” word that causes such controversy. How we react to it is not so much whether we believe the Prime Minister or not, but where we came from, our idea of history, the latent attitudes we carry and rarely dare to reveal even to friends. Is it important? I have heard many politicians disagree, rarely do I hear them express worry or concern for the young people whose lives will be profoundly impacted by whatever decision is arrived at in due course. Paul reminds us that the Jews were impressed by miracles and the Greeks by logic, rational argument and oratory. Then Paul reveals his hand by saying neither will be impressed by a crucified Christ, which is but an obstacle to the Jews and madness to the Greeks (or pagans). Yet the foolishness of God’s love expressed in this way is wiser than human wisdom and stronger than human strength. Brexit will be judged by history, the good news is Jesus love all of them and hopefully they will think of future generations.


  • Wednesday of the week, the Requiem Mass for Bernie Giles RIP will be at 12.00 noon. There will be no 9.30am mass.


  • Your Parish Pastoral Council meets at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7/3/18. If there are any people interested in going to Dublin in August (21st to 26th) for “The World Meeting of Families” please submit names to Helen at the office. The information we have is the same as on page 6 of the A & B News in the porch.


  • Names also for the “National Pilgrimage & Eucharistic Congress” at Liverpool 2018 please contact Helen as soon as possible. There will be an introduction to this led by Bishop Richard at St Dunstan’s, Woking on Saturday 24th March from 9.00am to 1.oopm. All are welcome.


  • We are now seeking new volunteers for all ministries before, during and after mass. Please sign up to begin with.


  • Parish Financial report is on the yellow folded sheet. Thank you for your consistent and generous support.


  • Parish Lenten Reconciliation Service will be on Wednesday 21st March at 8.00pm.


                                              God Bless you all.

                                                          Fr John



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