6th January 2019 The Epiphany of the Lord

Dear Friends,

             Today we celebrate the Epiphany, i.e. the revealing of Jesus to the non-Jewish people of the world. Epiphany means life changing event, usually relating to our way of seeing and understanding things to some situation we could never have imagined. We are told in the gospel they followed a star. How interesting on this week when a NASA probe located ULTIMA THULE, said to be one of the last outposts of the solar system. It cannot be seen, it is four billion miles away. When we know that the Sun is 22 million miles away from Earth and it takes light from the Sun eight minutes to reach Earth travelling at 186000 miles per second. This in some way reflects the greatness of the scientific achievement of the NASA team.


But the visitors to Jesus only two thousand years ago had only the naked eye to observe the heavens. They were in awe of what they saw in the heavens, in non-polluted conditions. NASA are some of the wise men of our age without doubt. We must remember John’s Gospel:


“In the beginning was the Word (of God…)

Through him all things came to be,

Not one thing has its being but through him” (Jn 1:1-2)


That word was Jesus. So is ‘Ultima Thule’ the last outpost? We can only stop and stare. The wonder of creation should give us our awe felt moment or our Epiphany for now.


Thank you so much for your Christmas gift to St Vincent de Paul, Camberley (for use in the local community) and Médecins Sans Frontières, our reaching out to people and places we will never see. The total is now £7064.50. This is to be divided evenly between the above. Any Gift Aid reclaimed will go to Citizens Advice Camberley (CAB).


Day of Reflection for all readers in church on 9/2/19 at St Dunstan’s, Woking 11am-4pm.

Pre-booking is essential. See notice in the porch. 


Looking forward to 2019, in the Diocese, active involvement in the Pastoral Plan for the future of the Diocese of A&B will be addressed. Please take one of the ‘The Word Who is Life’ leaflets from the offertory table.


On the parish front, the Parish Pastoral Team will be launching the Vision Statement and encouraging more engagement in a variety of ways that supports people’s need and wishes.


For my own part, I will be hoping to remind myself and you about the implications of our baptismal call. At my stage in life you don’t get too fussed about what popular opinion is. I was lucky to be in the seminary during Vatican Council II in the 1960s and we came out with marvellous optimism and hope that we were entering a new era in the church’s life. To my amazement and deep regret, I now see such a push back in the church to live in past centuries that is rife in our diocese as well as in the wider church. We are all called to holiness and each must accept responsibility for themselves. Let’s walk together.


A Very Blessed and Happy New Year to you all

Fr John












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