7th January 2018 The Epiphany of the Lord

Dear Friends,  

Welcome to 2018 as we gather to celebrate the solemn feast of the Epiphany. This word “Epiphany” can be used to refer to any significant or sudden realisation or manifestation in our own lives, but in this day’s context it is specifically about the manifestation of Jesus to the non-Jewish people. St Paul in today’s second reading expresses this when he says, “This mystery that has now been revealed through the Holy Spirit to his apostles and prophets was unknown to any men of past generations, pagans (non-Jews) now share the same inheritance……” as the Jews.


So Jesus was sent to ALL mankind, sobering when you think of how the church was part of the slave trade, how bishops and popes curried favour with power and wealth and even imitated it in the garb they wore and the places they lived. One of the great misfortunes of the early church was to join forces with the powerful Roman imperial regime. Here I go again!


So, fast forward to our times, Jesus is still sent to all mankind. We are not meant to go through life navel gazing, but looking out at the wonder of creation, e.g.: the vastness of space and we think we are the bees’ knees, the beauty and wonder of creation as seen in the “Blue Planet” series, the heroism of a child who has lost family and home and seeks only a glass of water to drink.


Our diocese is embarking on a basic consultation about faith in our lives, in the home, in the school, in the workplace and parish. This will take the form of a journey something like the Magi, asking questions about various things we have taken for granted or not given a second thought to. Each person must make their own journey, do not take those around you for granted, they are the people we should love most.


To this end, the Parish Pastoral Council will prepare a presentation for ALL who wish to come on Wednesday January 17th at 10.15am and 7.30pm. Fear not as scripture often says, this is not an exam but a request by Bishop Richard for people views. Will it matter? I hope so. Words and ideas are powerful if we choose them well.


v    See message from Daniela also.


v    Sacristy rotas now available on the porch table. Thank you so much for your care and work in this area week-in and week-out.


v    “My Day by Day” scripture readings are in the porch.


Finally; the coffin was being carried to the grave by six family members. On top of it was a fishing rod with bait and a net. Jack remarked to Jim; “He must have been a very keen fisherman”. Jim replied, “he is indeed, and he is off to the river as soon as herself is buried”.


God Bless

Fr John



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