8th April, Second Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends

On the last day that we can celebrate Easter Day itself – the 8th day – there is something really refreshing about Thomas who says to the other disciples who saw Jesus, “Unless I see the holes the nails made in his hands and can put my finger into the holes they made ….. I refuse to believe”. Jesus appeared and no doubt the most surprised was Thomas, but he addresses him immediately, “put your finger here: look, here are my hands …........ Doubt no longer but believe”, to which Thomas replied “My lord and my God”.

At his agony on the cross, the disciples drew back, disappointed at the association with failure especially that they had such high hopes at times of miracles. Now, even the words of these same disciples were not enough to convince Thomas. Jesus was not petulant but anxious to include Thomas who wanted proof – on his terms.

Maybe there is a lot of Thomas in many of us, we want almost the same degree of assurance, yet what Jesus commended as blessed “are those who have not seen and yet believe”. Let us pray; “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”.


  • Thanks to everybody who sought to deepen their faith in Holy Week and Easter.
  • Especially I thank all the people who are involved in ministry in the parish throughout the year, from the youngest child to the most senior person.
  • Welcome back of you have been travelling.
  • Your Parish Pastoral Council will be working hard this year on the building up of our faith (See Rediscover Faith) and enhancing our liturgical experience, with special emphasis on aspect of “The Gospel of the Family”, Joy for the World.
  • My very grateful thanks to you all for your generous Easter offerings.
  • Trip to Rome – I am joining family members this week in a jaunt to the eternal city, where I have never visited before, from Monday to Saturday.
  • Please take a newsletter for the times of mass Liturgies of the Word and Holy Communion.
  • The Salesian Fathers will be celebrating mass on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My very grateful thanks to them.
  • Gift Aid envelopes available today; see Tony Duhig in the porch please. If you have a question now is the time.
  • Maureen Hume, Alzheimer’s Café, will speak at all masses next weekend.
  • On behalf of all people of the parish I would like to thank Joseph and Elain D’Souza for their gift of a set of white mass vestments donated to the parish.


Happy Easter again and peace to you all. Alleluia 


                                                                      Fr John



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