9th December, Second Sunday of Advent

Dear Friends, 

To begin on the journey of following Jesus is a noble venture.  Advent readings remind us vividly that it’s not just a good idea or intention, it means looking at ourselves in the mirror of life.  It is not those who say “Lord, Lord” who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who did the will of my Father in heaven” (Matt 7:21).  We may talk the talk, but not walk the walk.  You may well not agree with this point of view, but I find it harder and harder to understand how a considerable number of people can faithfully and devoutly come to celebrate the Eucharist and can see that as an end in itself.  We must look deeply within ourselves asking the Lord to open our eyes.  Jesus, you will recall, asked the blind beggar who made a nuisance of himself by shouting, “What do you want from me?”  The beggar answered, “Lord that I may see”.  See what we might ask?  It seems pretty clear that he now had a much better appreciation of the gift of sight and so, something that was a free gift (sight) he had taken for granted, would no longer be the case.  Do we take our gifts for granted when we could do so much more?

The Advent Penitential Rite This Tuesday at 7.30pm

On Tuesday week the 18th, there will be NO Mass as we have the St Augustine School Christingle at 7pm. 

We are delighted to welcome Fr Paul Fraser to Frimley to celebrate the 6pm Mass.

Mass Times                           

Saturday December 22nd         6:00pm

Sunday December 23rd            8:30am, 10:30am, 5:30pm

Christmas Masses:                

December 24th                        6:00pm, 10:30pm Carols, 11:00pm Mass                       

December 25th                        8:30am, 10:30am


Ministry at Mass Christmas Please sign up for this important role for 24th and 25th December. Sign-up sheet on porch table.

See posters in the porch for Diocesan Events:

1. Deaf & Hard of Hearing

2. Residential retreat for doctors 1st – 3rd March 2019

3. Women in the Diocese February 23rd 2019


Holy Land craftwork – We welcome Nicholas from Palestine who will have items of craftwork made in the Holy Land for sale, ideal Christmas gift or for your home.


On your behalf, I wish to thank the South Indian Community for a kind donation to the parish of £900.


New edition of “REFUGEE CRISIS”.  Newsletter on the porch table, please take one.

HARRINGTON PLACE: WOKING – Woking Borough Council have named the new address of the new apartment block being built on the site of the old St Dunstan’s Church in Woking , after the late Canon Frank Harrington who got his best education in Frimley.  Just Google the heading to see for yourselves.


Please DO NOT TURN RIGHT as you exit the car park or place your car that it blocks people who are walking or cycling on the path, as they have RIGHT OF WAY.


Advent/Christmas Calendars for Children on porch table for those who did not get them last week.


Finally:  The waiter accidently bumped into an antique vase as he waited on table.  Hearing the noise the proprietor came to investigate and was horror-stricken.  “That vase he exclaimed was over 300 years old.”  “Oh, thank the Lord for that” said the waiter, “I thought it was worth something.”


God Bless,

Fr John



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