9th July 2017

Dear Friends, 

            Today’s gospel brings the trusting of a child in his or her parents to the fore.  When the baby is born great excitement ensues, and rightly so.  Soon they crawl, soon they take first steps, “come on take daddy’s hand, or mummy’s hand” and so it goes on.  Now with cameras catching all these golden and joyful moments, to be played back on their 21st birthday or wedding day.  Holding the hand of mum or dad, there is nowhere a child would not go because he/she loves and trusts them completely.  Jesus in today’s gospel was speaking about a child’s unconditional love and trust.  We have it and somewhere in the growing up process, we lose it bit by bit.  The child’s desire to be independent now changes the dynamic with parents, slowly the sources they depend on come from outside the home, friends, games and even strangers on line.  They are now becoming “wise and intelligent” in the ways of the world.  But it’s not for love or giving and receiving.  They are less children at heart, but children of the culture and the world.  This independence leads to a dependence on things, e.g. money, alcohol, success and popularity etc.  It takes decades to find that these “props” are fickle friends often leading to stress, anxiety and fear.  It is a poor deal, but most have to walk that road.


            Only those who are children at least (ie filled with humility, confidence and love can understand what Jesus tells us about the Father and its relevance to our lives.


  • Enrolment for First Holy Communion Programme 2017/18, forms on the porch table.  Tell a friend if they have a child in Year 3 or over.


  • The refurbishment of the hall and the toilets begins on Monday 10th.  There will be designated toilets in use for the weekend.  Please do not go for a look at work as you will not be admitted on safety grounds.  Projected time frame 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Jose and Maria Garmendia are going to Lourdes on July 28th. They would be delighted to take any petitions you have in a sealed envelope to be placed at the Grotto of Our Lady. Just mark your envelope, “Lourdes Petition”, via the parish office.


Reminiscing: Joe & Maria were sat together and Maria said, “I remember when you kissed me whenever you could.”  Joe leant over and pecked her on the cheek.  “I also remember when you held my hand all the time.”  Joe placed his hand on hers.  She continued “I remember when you used to nibble my neck.”  Joe Shuffled out of the room.”  “Where are you going?” asked Maria.  “To find my teeth.” said Joe.

                                                                                    God Bless You All,

Fr John




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