Association for the Propagation of faith

Contact Mr Paul Harker

Telephone No. 01276 29179


The A.P.F. is the Principal of the Pontifical Mission Societies through which over 900 Mission Dioceses receive basic support for evangelisation and mission. There are 112 parish groups functioning in the A&B Diocese including our own parish.

If you would like to support the A.P.F. you can become a member in one of three ways:

1) BOX HOLDER: One who keeps a red mission box at home and puts his/her offerings in it. It is opened by the PROMOTER at set times in the year.

2) ANNUAL MEMBER: One who makes an annual contribution directly to the National Office at Eccleston Square.

3) LIFE MEMBER: One who makes a donation of £250.


For further information, or if your little red box is filled to overflowing and needs to be emptied, please contact Paul Harker.