Confirmation Programme 2018-2019

Dear Parents/Candidates,

Thank you for signing up for the Confirmation Programme 2018.  We will be starting on 12th Nov 2018 in the hall at 7.15pm.  This session will be for the candidates and parents/guardians, as an introduction.  The outline of what we do will be explained to all and then we will divide up to have separate discussions.  A booklet will be given on the day to help candidates to choose Sponsor and Confirmation names etc.

Candidates need to bring them with a copy of their baptismal certificate if you haven’t done so with your enrolment.  (If you do not have access to a photocopier, we will copy it). 

Any candidate who uses a name different to that on their baptismal certificate, please inform us at the first session, so we can ensure when the Confirmation Certificates are produced and signed, they have the correct names.

Programme Dates

There will be 9 sessions lasting 90 minutes each commencing at 7.15pm with a short break.  It is important these sessions start on time, therefore can you please ensure your son/daughter arrive on time.

Download the programme dates here

Special Masses

Included in the programme are 3 special masses (dates on the programme sheet) which candidates are expected to participate in, and meet 30 minutes earlier at 5.00pm to prepare for the readings etc


At Verona Fathers in Sunningdale, more detail follows.  Fees: £10


To improve the communication between all candidates and catechists for this programme, we will mainly use email or text if no email. We have also introduced a Whatsapp group for Candidates+Catechists.

If you don’t have access for these methods, please let us know. 

Social Event

Scheduled for Friday 3rd December - Film and Pizza in the Church Hall

Yours sincerely,

Father John O’Sullivan and The Confirmation Team