Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelisation

You may already know that Pope Francis has called a Synod of Bishops on "Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelisation". There are two parts to this process:

1. an Extraordinary General Assembly in 2014, intended to define the important questions facing the family in the modern world and to collect the Bishops’ experiences and proposals regarding the challenges of proclaiming the Gospel of the Family and,

2. an Ordinary General Assembly in 2015 to seek working guidelines in the pastoral care of individuals and families.

A questionnaire has been offered to assist in this process.

This document is designed for everyone to use but it is clear that the complexity and style is difficult to work with and may discourage people from participating.

In our diocese, to enable as many people as possible to make a contribution to this process, the questionnaire has been reformatted and can be found via:

The original  Vatican questionnaire and some some support material are both available at

Please only complete one or other of the surveys either the simpler A&B one or the Vatican one. We would also kindly ask that you only share our questionnaire with people in Arundel & Brighton Diocese only because we do not have the human resources to manage responses from outside the diocese.

I am very grateful for your participation in this process, which offers both the opportunity to have your voice heard by the synod and benefits the diocese by providing this snapshot of family life.


 and we have had almost 200 responses so far today. It is really encouraging to know so many people are  interested in the issues surrounding family life !

We are still deciding how we are going to analyse the data because as well as sending a report back to Rome this will produce invaluable material for us to use.