This section is being developed (as of Spring 2012) to provide resources that we can all use.  

This might be the text of a Mass you might have had, some element of the Mass translated into a different language, a special prayer or the Children's Liturgy for the week.

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Below are the links for Children's Liturgy

Date Leader Text and Activity
22 April 2012  
3rd Sunday of Easter
Christ's Witnesses
29 April 2012 Vocations Sunday
4th Sunday of Easter
The Good Shepherd
06 May 2012  
5th Sunday of Easter
I am the True Vine
13 May 2012  
6th Sunday of Easter
Love eachother
20 May 2012  
The Ascension
27 May 2012  
03 June 2012 Half Term, no liturgy
10 June 2012
17 June 2012  
11th Sunday of the Year
The Kingdom of God
24 June 2012  
Birth of John the Baptist
Lord of Wind and Sea
01 July 2012  
13th Sunday of the Year
Jesus gives new Life
08 July 2012  
14th Sunday of the Year
Jesus of Nazareth
15 July 2012  
End of Year Mass